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Reporting Back from Somalia

Associate Director for International Communications for the American Red Cross, Ann Stingle. Terry talked with her about three weeks ago the day before she was on her way back to Somalia. She was also there last spring before international attention was focused on the starving. Stingle just returned from Somalia; she'll talk with Terry about what she saw there after the arrival of American troops.


Relief Efforts for Somalian Families and Children

Associate Director for International Communications for the American Red Cross, Ann Stingle. She was in Mogadishu in May and also worked in several refugee camps, as well as crisis areas around the world with the Red Cross. She'll talk with Terry about what she saw and what it's like to reconcile your own life to the suffering you see.


The U.S.'s Decision to Intervene in Somalia

Director of TransAfrica, Randall Robinson. His group works to influence American policy in Africa. He'll talk with Terry about his group's concerns about the American military going into Somalia to insure the delivery of food to the starving. He says there are areas of Somalia that are not as bad off as in the south and we should consider the country as a whole before going in.


Western Attitudes Toward Refugees

Journalist William Shawcross says that countries in the West are often fatigued by the perpetual struggles of refugees around the world. He recently wrote the introduction for the book Forced Out; an earlier book of his own, called The Quality of Mercy, covered Cambodians fleeing the American bombing and the Pol Pot regime.


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