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Where To Find The World's Most 'Wicked Bugs.'

Parasitic tapeworms, the world's largest hornet and a bug with overly aggressive mating habits are all featured in science writer Amy Stewart's book Wicked Bugs, which examines more than 100 of the strangest entomological creatures on the planet.


Film Director Philip Haas on "Angels and Insects"

Haas's new movie is based on the novella "Morpho Eugenia" by writer A.S. Byatt. It's recently been released on video. Haas made his feature film debut with "The Music of Chance," adapted from a Paul Auster novel. (Rebroacast)


Novelist and Science Journalist David Quammen.

Fiction and science writer David Quammen. His column "Natural Acts" appears regularly in Outside Magazine. His new collection of short stories is called Blood Line, and his second collection of science essays will be published soon.

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