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Producer George Wein

Veteran producer, pianist, singer, club owner George Wein. He's the founder of the Newport Jazz Festival, the Newport Folk Festival, and the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival. In the early 1950s he founded the jazz clubs Storyville and Mahogany Hall in Boston where jazz giants Art Tatum, Sidney Bechet, Charlie Parker, Stan Getz and Miles Davis played. In 1954 he launched the Newport Jazz Festival where he presented Ella Fitzgerald, Sarah Vaughn, Dave Brubeck and others.


Rock Impresario Bill Graham

The San Francisco-based Graham organized and promoted concerts for several important bands in the 1960s. He worked hard to create diverse lineups, and balance the needs and desires of artists and record labels. Graham closed his iconic Fillmore Theater in 1971.


How to Make Theater Important.

Theater impresario Joseph Papp. His New York Shakespeare Festival has staged some of the finest American productions of Shakespeare as well Broadway hits like "A Chorus Line" and "Hair." His company has just started a complete cycle of Shakespeare's plays. (Rebroadcast. Original broadcast 5/15/87.)


How to Make Theater Important

Impresario Joseph Papp helped launch Broadway hits like A Chorus Line and The Pirates of Penzance, and founded the New York Shakespeare Festival. He talks about the political aspects of theater casting, production, and criticism.


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