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'The Interrupters': Keeping Peace On The Streets.

Ameena Matthews is a former gang member who now works to stop retaliatory gang violence in some of Chicago's most dangerous neighborhoods. She is one of the subjects of a new documentary called The Interrupters.

This interview was originally broadcast on Aug. 1, 2011. The Interrupters will be broadcast on Frontline on Feb. 14, 2012.


The Rise And Fall Of Gangster Al Capone

Jonathan Eig's book Get Capone reveals new insights into the famous Chicago gangster -- including how freely he spoke to reporters, the time he shot himself in the groin, and how general disease eventually robbed him of his health and sanity.


Pay The Cab Fare ... And Meet The Author, Too.

It's not unusual to get in a cab and find a paperback novel on the seat next to the driver. What makes Jack Clark's cab different is that he's both the driver and the author. Clark is a Chicago cab driver who's been driving for 30 years — and written three mystery novels.


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