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Novel 'Acts of Faith' Takes on Sudan Conflict

Journalist and novelist Philip Caputo's new novel, Acts of Faith, is set in Sudan during that country's civil war. It depicts the consequences — intended and otherwise — the conflict has on aid workers and missionaries involved in relief work.


Harry Wu and China.

A rebroadcast of a 1994 interview with Chinese-American human rights campaigner and scholar Harry Wu. He is currently being held on espionage charges in China. He was detained on June 19 when he attempted to enter the country. Wu had made several secret trips to China under an assumed identity to document human rights abuses in Chinese prisons. Wu himself was held for 19 years in Chinese labor camps from 1960 to 1979. When he was released he emigrated to the U.S. (Rebroadcast of 01/11/1994)

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