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'Breaking Bad,' 'Horror' Leave Viewers Wanting More.

The new FX drama series American Horror Story premiered last week and last night, the AMC drama Breaking Bad presented its season finale. TV critic David Bianculli says both are must-sees — because they both leave him wanting more.


"The Stand" Hits T.V.

Television critic David Bianculli has a review of ABC's mini-series, "Stephen King's The Stand," which begins Sunday.


Blood and Stupidity.

TV critic David Bianculli previews a telemovie sequel called "The Birds II: Land's End." Its predecessor is "The Birds," made by Hitchcock 31 years ago. The TV follow-up will be aired this Saturday night on the Showtime cable network.


"Golden Years" is Anything but Golden.

Television critic David Bianculli reviews the new summer series, "Stephen King's Golden Years," about a man who's doused with some evil chemicals and finds himself getting younger with each day. It premieres this week on CBS.


Exotic and Erotic Evils.

Television Critic David Bianculli reviews "Nightmare Classics." It's an anthology series on the Showtime cable network that adapts classic gothic and horror tales. The series is produced by actress Shelly Duvall, who won critical praise for her "Faerie Tale Theatre," and "Tall Tales and Legends," two productions for kids.


Cable TV's Edgier Programming

Television critic David Bianculli reviews two shows that wouldn't have been possible on network TV. Steven Banks: Home Entertainment Center succeeds in part because it unfolds uninterrupted, without commercial breaks; cable gives the macabre and funny Tales from the Crypt license to be as violent as it needs to be.

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