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John Oliver Finds Humor In The News No One Wants To Hear About

John Oliver jokes that his satirical news show, HBO's Last Week Tonight, does a 22-minute deep dive on news that "no one in their right mind wants to hear about." In recent weeks, the show has covered, among other things, the Italian parliamentary elections and NRA TV, an Internet channel with NRA programming.


This Weekend, HBO Has Something For Everyone.

On Friday, Saturday and Sunday, HBO presents three different types of TV in three days: a new comedy special, a new dramatic telemovie and the return of a continuing drama series. TV critic David Bianculli, who has seen all three, explains why they're all worth watching.


John Powers on HBO's New Offerings

Critic at large John Powers considers the latest programming from the cable network. HBO has become a perennial Emmy winner for shows such as The Sopranos. New offerings this season include Entourage, about a rising Hollywood actor and his childhood friends.


TV Critic David Bianculli

TV critic David Bianculli previews Dead Like Me the new series on Showtime Cable that begins Friday, June 27. It's about a group of characters who died with unresolved issues and have to work them out in the after life.


Eddie Gorodetsky Wants You to Laugh 24/7.

Comedy writer Eddie Gorodetsky. He's written for SCTV, Saturday Night Live, and Late Night with David Letterman. His latest gig is with HBO's newly-launched Comedy Channel, where his job title is "head writer and original programming consultant," but his role is all-encompassing.

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