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An Israeli Novelist Imagines Himself Out of Hate

Book critic John Leonard reviews David Grossman's novel See Under: Love, about Holocaust survivors. Leonard says he's still not sure if the fantastic plot and inventive structure work -- or if the ambitious book is indeed a masterpiece.


Madness and Mysticism in Elie Weisel's "Twilight."

Writer and humanitarian Elie Weisel. Weisel won the 1986 Nobel Peace Prize for his message of "peace and atonement and human dignity." A concentration camp survivor, he has been the most impassioned and poetic supporter of efforts to memorialize the six million Jews who died in Hitler's death camps. He is author of 24 works, including Night and Dawn. His latest work, a novel, is titled Twilight.


Jerzy Kozinski's Literary "Passion."

Author Jerzy Kozinski's new novel, Passion Play, is about polo and middle age. He talks about adopting the English language, sexuality in his fiction, and the state of the publishing industry.

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