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How the World Remembers the Holocaust.

Writer Judith Miller. She's deputy media editor of The New York Times and author of the new book, "One, by One, by One: Facing the Holocaust." Miller visited six countries (including the U.S.) to examine how the Holocaust is remembered. (published by Simon & Schuster)


Beyond the Battlefield with John Keegan.

Military historian John Keegan. His new book, "The Second World War," recounts the strategies and battles of the war by looking at the three major theaters (the West, the East, and the Pacific) in both the early and late years of the war. Keegan, one of today's foremost military historians, is best known for analyzing the effects of war on the individual soldier. He taught for many years at the Royal Military Academy at Sandhurst in Britain, and is now the Defense Correspondent of The Daily Telegraph in London.

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