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Preventing Heart Disease: The Role of Bacteria.

Immunologist at the Ontario Cancer Institute in Toronto, Josef Penninger. He recently led a study on the link between bacterial infection and heart disease. The study focused on the chlamydia bacteria which 95% of people are exposed to during their lives. The study suggests that heart disease can be prevented by treatment of antibiotics. The study was reported in the journal Science in February.


Preventing Heart Disease: Taking Another Look at Cholesterol.

Dr. Kilmer McCully takes another look at the cholesterol theory of heart disease in his new book, "The Heart Revolution: The B Vitamin Breakthrough that Lowers Homocysteine, Cuts Your Risk of Heart Disease, and Protects Your Health" (HarperCollins). McCully writes that the real culprit in heart disease is the amino acid homocysteine which is found in the blood. Too much of it can lead to damaged arteries, leaving them susceptible to cholesterol and fat deposits. McCully writes that vitamin B deficiency leads to too much homocysteine.


Preventing Heart Disease: The Role of Emotional Health.

Dr. Dean Ornish discusses the link between emotional health and prevention and treatment of heart disease. His new book is "Love & Survival: 8 Pathways to Intimacy and Health." (HarperPerennial). Ornish is Clinical Professor of Medicine at the School of Medicine, University of California, San Francisco and founder of the Osher Center for Integrative Medicine.


Writer Geoffrey Wolff.

Writer Geoffrey Wolff. His new collection of essays, "A Day At The Beach" (Alfred A. Knopf), is about the worst vacation ever. It started with over-priced dinners and ended in open heart surgery. Wolff is best known for his book "The Duke of Deception," a memoir about being the son of a con man.


The War on Cholesterol: Perspectives from Both Sides.

Reporter Thomas J. Moore. In his new book, Heart Failure, Moore argues that one of America's biggest health concerns - trying to reduce cholesterol - is a waste of time. Moore re-examines health studies and concludes that diet and exercise do relatively little to lower cholesterol, and almost nothing to increase lifespan. Moore also examines the little reported dangers of heart surgery and other coronary procedures. Part of Moore's book appears in the September issue of The Atlantic Monthly under the title "The Cholesterol Myth." Terry also talks with Dr. W.

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