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Dion Pays Homage To Guitar-Rock Giants

With his band the Belmonts, singer-songwriter Dion rose to fame as a '60s teen idol, topping charts with hits like "The Wanderer" and "I Wonder Why." The latest album in his long career is Heroes: Giants Of Early Guitar Rock.


Bluesman Elvin Bishop, Rolling Stylishly On

Rock critic Ken Tucker reviews the guitarist and singer's new album, The Blues Rolls On. Released in early September, the disc includes collaborations with B.B. King, George Thorogood, James Cotton and more.


Dave Alvin's Musical California

Dave Alvin is best known for his work in the Blasters and X, as well as his solo career. His new CD West of the West is a tribute to California songwriters, and features Alvin performing songs by Jerry Garcia, Tom Waits, Brian Wilson, Merle Haggard and others.


The Guitar, Alive and Well

In the age of the sampler, three innovative guitar players are taking their instruments to new heights: Richard Leo Johnson, Dominic Frasca, and Jonas Hellborg.


Grammy Special: Eric Clapton

The groundbreaking rock band Cream he will receive a 2006 Lifetime Achievement Grammy Award next week. Eric Clapton was the group's guitarist. To many in music, Eric Clapton is at or near the top of any list of the greatest guitar players in rock history.


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