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Demons and Angels

Critic Milo Miles reviews a new 3-CD set Demons and Angels (Shanachie) collecting the recordings of blues guitarist Rev. Gary Davis


From the Archives: Chicago-Based Blues Guitarist Buddy Guy.

Chicago-based blues guitarist Buddy Guy. Eric Clapton has called his "by far and without a doubt the best guitar player alive." Guy was born in Louisiana, son of a sharecropper. He moved to Chicago in the late fifties and played with all the greats...including Muddy Waters, Howlin' Wolf and Junior Wells. Rebroadcast from 8/10/93.


A Clapton Contemporary Returns with His Own Blues Stylings

Critic Milo Miles has a retrospective of British blues guitarist Peter Green who founded the group Fleetwood Mac, then dropped out and stopped performing. Now Green has a new album, "Robert Johnson Songbook" (Artisan label). Two earlier Green albums are: "Then Play On" (Reprise) and "Green and Guitar" (Music Club label).


The Old Sounds of Young Musician Corey Harris

The blues singer and guitarist has been credited with helping bring the traditional acoustic sound of Mississippi Delta Blues to contemporary blues audiences. He has a new CD called "Fish Ain’t Bitin’," by Alligator Records. His first album is titled Between MIdnight and Day.

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