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'Fresh Air' Remembers Author Maurice Sendak

Author and illustrator Maurice Sendak, whose book Where the Wild Things Are became a favorite for generations of kids, died at age 83. Fresh Air remembers Sendak with excerpts from several interviews.


This Pig Wants To Party: Maurice Sendak's Latest

Bumble-ardy is a deeply imaginative tale about an orphaned pig who longs for a birthday party. Sendak, who is 83, wrote and illustrated the book while caring for his longtime partner, who died of cancer in 2007. "I did Bumble-ardy to save myself," Sendak says. "I did not want to die with him."


John Waters Reflects On His 'Role Models'

The writer and filmmaker known for the cult classics Pink Flamingos, Cry-Baby and Hairspray reflects on the many people who have inspired him throughout his life -- from playwright Tennessee Williams to the crazed martyr Saint Catherine of Siena -- in his memoir, Role Models.


'Sirius' Poetry From New Poet Laureate W.S. Merwin

On Thursday, W.S. Merwin was named the 17th poet laureate of the United States. The two-time Pulitzer Prize winner, known for his environmental activism, joined Fresh Air's Terry Gross in 2008 for a discussion about memory, mortality and his writing process


Author Doris Grumbach on Filling the Silences of "Solitude"

Grumbach has written a second memoir, which picks up where her first, "Coming into the End Zone," left off. "Fifty Days of Solitude" chronicles her life in Maine, her travels, and coming to terms with mortality. Grumbach is a book reviewer for National Public Radio, and was literary editor for "The New Republic.


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