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Great Depression

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Joseph Kennedy, 'Patriarch' Of An American Dynasty

In a new book, biographer David Nasaw profiles the father of Robert, John and Teddy, and unpacks the elder Kennedy's influence on his children. "He told them over and over again, 'I'm making all this money so you don't have to make money, so that you can go into public service,'" Nasaw says.


What People Were Reading During The Depression

What can old issues of Publishers Weekly tell us about reading habits in dire economic times? Maureen Corrigan cracks open some of the magazine's 1933 issues and learns that readers today aren't so different from our Depression-era brethren.


A Long View Of The Wall Street 'Dream'

In his new book, Wall Street: America's Dream Palace, Steve Fraser focuses on the lotus of the financial world, paying attention to four of its archetypal characters — the aristocrat, the confidence man, the hero and the immoralist.


Canadian Filmmaker Guy Maddin

His most recent film The Saddest Music in The World is now out on DVD. It stars Isabella Rossellini as a beer baroness in search of the saddest music in the world. It also stars Mark Kinney, best known for his work with the Kids in the Hall. The film is a Depression era musical shot mostly in black and white. This interview was originally broadcast on April 26, 2004.

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