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Novelist Amy Tan Discusses Ghosts and Her Latest Novel.

Novelist Amy Tan. Her best-selling books include The Joy Luck Club, and The Kitchen God's Wife. Her newest novel is The Hundred Secret Senses (Putnam's), about two half-sisters. One is Chinese-American, the other is Chinese, and has the ability to see ghosts.


A Kindler, Gentler "Ghostbusters"

Film critic Stephen Schiff reviews Ghostbusters II. He says the movie relies too much on prior knowledge of the original. But he enjoyed the performances, particularly Bill Murray's weird take on domesticity.


Three from NBC's Upcoming Season

TV critic David Bianculli reviews the network's latest pilots, including a ghastly sitcom, a thirtysomething ripoff, and a magical hour from the Muppet's creator.

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