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David Milch: Trying His 'Luck' With Horse Racing

The new HBO drama Luck examines the inside world of horse racing through the lives of thoroughbred breeders, owners, jockeys and gamblers. Series creator David Milch spent much of his childhood at the track and has struggled in the past with gambling addiction.


The 'Secret History' Of Baseball's Earliest Days

Baseball's official historian, John Thorn, sets the record straight on the game's earliest days the 1700s. Yes, that's right, baseball started decades before Abner Doubleday supposedly created the game at Cooperstown -- and it only became popular when professional gamblers took an interest.


Oscar Nominee Peter O'Toole

Peter O'Toole starred in Lawrence of Arabia, The Lion in Winter, and My Favorite Year. He has been nominated for an Oscar for his role in the film Venus. This interview originally aired on Apr. 16, 1993.


Baseball's All-time Hits Leader Pete Rose

Rose played in more than 500 games at five different positions. But he was banned from baseball 13 years ago when he was accused of gambling on the game. A new TV movie, Hustle, about Rose's fall, premieres this weekend on ESPN. This interview originally aired on Jan. 28, 2004.


Gambling and Cheating in Basketball.

Charley Rosen is author of the new novel "Barney Polan's Game" (Seven Stories Press) The book is largely based on the real-life college basketball point-shaving scandal in 1950 and 51. Rosen also wrote a non-fiction account of this in "Scandals of 51: How the Gamblers Almost Killed College Basketball".


Growing Up in Anchorage's Underworld

Kim Rich has written a new memoir, "Johnny's Girl," about growing up in Anchorage, Alaska during the oil boom years. Her father was a notorious underworld figure in the city who operated illegal gambling houses and massage parlors all over the city. He was eventually murdered.


The Early Years of Actor Peter O'Toole

O'Toole is the star of "Lawrence of Arabia," "The Lion in the Winter," and "My Favorite Year." He has a new autobiography about the start of his career, called "Loitering with Intent.

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