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Foreign trade and employment

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How Foreign Trade Policies Cost U.S. Jobs

Pulitzer Prize winning Philadelphia Inquirer reporters Donald Barlett and James Steele. "Barlett and Steele" as they are often referred to in Philly, are writing a new ten part series in the Inquirer titled "Who Stole the Dream?" Barlett and Steele say American public policy is largely to blame for why many American jobs have been sent overseas. Barlett and Steele will publish these stories in book form later this year.


How the U.S. Relies on Foreign Markets for National Security

New York Times correspondent Martin Tolchin and his wife Susan wrote "Selling Our Security." It examines the ways U.S. political leaders, especially during the Reagan-Bush years, have pursued laissez-faire policies to the extent that most of America's valuable technological secrets have been sold to other countries.

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