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In-Studio Concert with Bai Konte

Gambian folk musician Bai Konte discusses how he both learned and now teaches the kora, a West African 21-string lute. He performs along with his son Dembo Konte and anthropologists and musicians Marc and Susan Pevar. Filmmaker Oliver Franklin, who made a movie Bai Konte, also joins the conversation.


In-Studio Concert with Tom Paxton.

Folk singer and composer Tom Paxton is known for his work as a musician in the Greenwich Village of the 1960s, where many of his songs became standards at the clubs in the area. His latest album is "The Paxton Report," and is full of topical songs about such subjects as nuclear power and the ERA. Paxton also brings his guitar for an in-studio concert.


Folk Fiddler Johnny Cunningham

The Scottish musician performed with the folk band Silly Wizard, which developed a loyal following in Europe and the United States. Now based in rural Pennsylvania, he has embarked on a solo career. He performs some traditional tunes in-studio and previews music from a forthcoming album.


Singer-Songwriter Rosalie Sorrels

The folk singer joins Fresh Air to talk about how she made a career as a musician after the breakup of her marriage. She performs some of her songs a cappella in studio.


Singer-Songwriter Rosalie Sorrels

The folk singer made a career as a musician after the breakup of her marriage. Now a resident of the Delaware Water Gap, she is helping raise money to fund a private investigation of a series of axe murders in that town. A member of the musical community, Eddie Joubert, was one of the victims. Sorrels performs some of her songs a cappella in studio.


Interview and Concert with David Bromberg.

Blues and bluegrass musician David Bromberg worked as a side member in many jazz and folk bands before striking out as a solo act. Bromberg is a multi-instrumentalist, who focuses on the guitar. He joins the show to discuss his career and play live. (Interview by Bob Carlin )


Folk Musician Michael Cooney

The singer and guitar player muses on the origins and definitions of folks music, his approach to writing children's songs, and the rigors of having been a traveling musician for over two decades.

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