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Reintroducing Singer Tracy Nelson

Commentator Milo Miles reviews two new re-releases of singer Tracy Nelson's earlier recordings with the band Mother Earth. Nelson is still making albums today, but Miles says they don't have the same looseness and charm as these reissues.


A New Collection Captures the Beginning of Urban Folk

Critic Milo Miles reviews the new collection by the Almanac Singers, an early urban folk group that included Woody Guthrie, Lee Hays, Pete Hawes, Millard Lampell and Pete Seeger. The CD is "The Almanac Singers: Their Complete General Recordings" (on MCA).


Two Excellent Albums from Cuba.

Music critic Milo Miles reviews two new releases of Cuban music. The first is a four-cd set called I Am Time. (Blue Jackel) This is a retrospective of cuban music broken down in four categories. Cuban folk music, Singers, Dance, and Jazz. The second cd is called Buena Vista Social Club (World Circuit/Nonesuch) by a band of the same name. This CD was produced by Ry Cooder.

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