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Time Again for the Tucker Top Five

Ken Tucker returns with his latest countdown of noteworthy songs. His list features Roachford, Peter Case, Tim Finn, The Fabulous Thunderbirds, and Elvis Costello.


Humor in Music: Success and Failure.

Rock Critic Ken Tucker considers two New York acts who are known for their humor: folk-singer Christine Lavin, and the eclectic rock group, They Might Be Giants. Lavin's album, "Attainable Love" is on Rounder Records. They Might Be Giants' album is "Flood," and it's on Elektra.


Les Miserables Brass Band's Creative Unpredictability.

Jazz critic Kevin Whitehead reviews "Manic Traditions," the new album by Les Miserables Brass Band. They're an eclectic group that plays brass music from around the world, as well as original works. (They're on the Northeastern label).


A New Javanese Folk Tradition Emerges

After a government decree that Indonesian musicians reject Western music and focus on local traditions, a new style emerged, called Jaipongan. It combines gamelan rhythms, a charismatic woman singer, and melancholy lyrics about jilted lovers. World music critic Milo Miles reviews two CDs featuring vocalist Euis Komariah.


Essential Books on African Music.

World music critic Milo Miles reviews some current books on African music. His big recommendation is "Sweet Mother: Modern African Music," by Wolfgang Bender (published by University of Chicago Press).


The Ideal Band for Russia Right Now.

World music commentator Milo Miles reviews the new album by the Terem ("Ter-yem") Quartet from St. Petersburg (formerly Leningrad). It's a group that couldn't have existed in the past. (Realworld Records)

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