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'Election Meltdown Is A Real Possibility' In 2020 Presidential Race, Author Warns

What if a blackout were to happen in a major city in one of America's swing states on Election Day 2020? Or if an error occurred while tabulating electronic ballots? How would the electorate respond if one of the candidates refused to concede the election? These are all scenarios that law professor and Election Law Blog founder Richard Hasen considered while writing his new book, Election Meltdown: Dirty Tricks, Distrust and the Threat to American Democracy.


Carlos Eire: A Cuban-American Searches For Roots

In 1962, 11-year-old Carlos Eire was one of thousands of children airlifted out of Cuba and sent to Florida to escape Fidel Castro's regime. His parents thought he'd return when Castro was deposed — but he never went home again. Eire recounts the experience in a new memoir.


How Industrial Farming 'Destroyed' The Tasty Tomato

In his new book, Tomatoland, food writer Barry Estabrook details the life of the mass-produced tomato — and the environmental and human costs of the tomato industry. Today's tomatoes, he says, are bred for shipping and not for taste.


Untangling The Complex Foreclosure Mess.

After the housing bust, banks hired many people to handle foreclosure paperwork -- and many mistakes were made. New York Times columnist Gretchen Morgenson explains what the paperwork mess means for the banking industry and the economy.


Behind the Scenes of Bush v. Gore

David Margolick, contributing editor at Vanity Fair, co-authored the investigative article in the October issue of the magazine, "The Path to Florida: What Really Happened in the 2000 Election. And What's Going On Right Now." For the article, Margolick talked to some of the Supreme Court law clerks working at the time of the decision in the 2000 presidential election.


Journalist, novelist and satirist Carl Hiaasen

Terry Gross interviews journalist, novelist and satirist Carl Hiaasen. Mystery writer Tony Hillerman once called Hiaasen "the Mark Twain of the crime novel." His latest novel is Basket Case. Hiaasen, the author of eight novels, also writes a twice-weekly column for The Miami Herald. He got his start at the Herald 25 years ago as an investigative reporter going after unscrupulous developers and narco-traders, which helped him hone his skills for writing crime novels.


New York Times reporters David Barsto and Don Van Natta, Jr.

New York Times reporters David Barstow and Don Van Natta, Jr. went to Florida following the closest presidential election in history. During a six month investigation, the two journalists found –under intense pressure from the Republicans, Florida officials accepted hundreds of overseas absentee ballots that failed to comply with state election laws.— (NYT 7/15/01) However, the outcome of the investigation is inconclusive. If all invalid overseas ballots had been thrown out, Bush would have still maintained a narrow margin over Gore.

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