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Young girls holding feminist signs at a protest





Feminist and Writer Slavenka Drakulic.

Yugoslavian journalist, critic, and feminist Slavenka Drakulic (SLA-vinka DRA-coo-lich). Her new book of essays is "How We Survived Communism and Even Laughed," (published by Norton & Co.)


The Politics of Drag.

Art historian, playwright, and critic MARTHA KEARNS and writer EDMUND WHITE offer their opinions on the topic "The Politics of Drag," debate-style.


Ntozake Shange at the "Nappy Edges."

African-American poet Ntozake Shange tells Terry Gross about how Black liberation, women's movements and jazz have influenced her work. She has a new collection of poetry called Nappy Edges.


A Feminist Perspective on Journalism

Deirdre English is an investigative journalist for Mother Jones magazine. She discusses her problems with the film Apocalypse Now, violence against women, pornography and the cultural impact of feminism.


Socially Conscious Poetry and Pedagogy

Poet and playwright Sonia Sanchez discusses teaching young writers, her experiences as an African American woman, and her appreciation and critique of white feminist movements.


Linda Lovelace Reveals the Dark Side of Pornography

Actress Linda Lovelace discusses her terrifying history of sexual abuse, assault and exploitation--often at the hands of her ex-husband Chuck Traynor--which led to her to star in pornographic films like the iconic Deep Throat. Her new memoir is called Ordeal.


The State of Charities and Philanthropic Coalitions

The United Way's Southeastern Pennsylvania branch recently rejected Women's Way petition for membership because of the latter's support for abortion rights and services. In light of this development, representatives of the three philanthropic organizations explain to host Terry Gross and Fresh Air callers different models of fundraising for charities and other groups working for social change.

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