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Young girls holding feminist signs at a protest





Slut: The Other Four Letter S-Word

Rush Limbaugh said a number of things about Sandra Fluke that created such a stir that he ultimately had to apologize. But most of the reactions focused on that once word: slut. Linguist Geoff Nunberg observes that our reaction to the word says a quite a lot about the society we live in.


Two Ladies: Are You Team Bella, Or Team Lisbeth?

Critic John Powers compares the heroines featured in this summer's two cultural juggernauts -- Twilight and the Millennium Trilogy. And despite being almost diametrically opposed, the characters Lisbeth Salander and Bella Swan have more in common than you may think.


Tensions Between Genders in the Black Community.

Mike Tyson returns to the ring Saturday night after a four year absence. Three of those years were spent in jail on a rape conviction. .Tyson continues to deny the charge. Commentator Gerald Early says that Tyson's release from prison sparked new questions about an old debate in the black community: tensions between the genders. Gerald Early teaches English at Washington University where he directs the program on African and Afro-American studies. He's the author of The Culture of Bruising: Essays on Prize fighting, Literature and Modern American Culture.


A Steady Diet of Cheesecake.

Commentator Maureen Corrigan says she's just about had it with the recent spate of magazines offering the same old cliches about women.


Soul Singer Laura Lee Tells It Like It Is

Rock historian Ed Ward profiles Laura Lee, a gospel singer who in the late 60s and early 70s switched to soul. She became known for her feminist songs "Wedlock is a Padlock," and "Women's Love Rights." After a string of hits she went back to gospel music, recording with Al Green.


Comics and Charity.

Critic Laurie Stone comments on two newsworthy comedy events from last weekend--comic Andrew Dice Clay's controversial appearance on Saturday Night Live, and the Comedy Relief special on HBO.


Japanese Popular Music, Part 2: The Influence of Punk.

World music commentator Milo Miles explores the continuing influence of punk rock on Japanese music in the second of his two-part examination of Japanese pop music. Milo looks at two Japanese groups -- The Plastics and The Frank Chickens.

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