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Fathers and sons in literature

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A Reclusive Novelist Reckons With His Legacy '& Sons.'

In a new novel, David Gilbert tells the story of a famous, aging writer whose children do not feel as warmly toward him as his readers do. Gilbert wrote the book as his own father was getting older and his son was approaching his teen years.


Cartoonist and Novelist Jeff Danziger.

Cartoonist and novelist Jeff Danziger. Danziger is the political cartoonist for the Christian Science Monitor, and his cartoons are featured in more than one hundred newspapers around the country. Danziger's just written his first novel. It's called "Rising Like The Tucson," and it's a dark comedy about the Vietnam War. (It's published by Doubleday).


Novelist and Science Journalist David Quammen.

Fiction and science writer David Quammen. His column "Natural Acts" appears regularly in Outside Magazine. His new collection of short stories is called Blood Line, and his second collection of science essays will be published soon.

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