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How to "Dress for Success"

Writer John Molloy shares his theories about how our manners and sartorial choices impact how others perceive us, which could affect our chances for professional advancement.


Cosmopolitan, Fashion, and Beauty Standards with Helen Gurley Brown.

Helen Gurley Brown is the editor of Cosmopolitan Magazine. She says that her newest book, "Having it All," is aimed at "mouse burgers" or, women of plain appearance. She defends beauty standards and claims that all women can develop themselves through fashion, makeup, exercise, and even plastic surgery.


Humorist Cynthia Heimel

The writer has columns in Playboy and the Village Voice. Her new book -- a satirical take on dating, sex, and fashion -- is called But Enough About You.


Joking About Vulnerability

Comedian Emo Phillips revels in awkwardness. He's known for his appearances on Letterman and HBO and bizarre fashion sense.


New Fashions are "Too Hard to Resist"

Village Voice style editor Mary Peacock considers the role women's magazines play in shaping women's fashion. She talks to Fresh Air's Terry Gross about the latest trends.


Twiggy on Film

The former teen model later pursued an acting career on stage and screen. Despite her efforts to distance herself from her early days in fashion, Twiggy says it would be untenable for her to give up her distinctive moniker. She costars in the new movie Madame Sousatzka, in which she plays an aspiring pop star.


Unraveling the "Fashion Conspiracy"

Fashion writer Samuel Coleridge visited sweatshops in India and South Korea to learn more about the hidden side of fashion design and clothing sales. His new book explores exploitative labor, licensing, and gender dynamics within the industry.


The 100th Anniversary of the Bra

Though the garment may be a century old, fashion columnist Patricia McLaughlin says bras still have a long way to go in terms of fit and comfort.

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