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Examining the Role of the Family in Welfare Reform

Robert Rector is a policy analyst at the conservative think tank, the Heritage Foundation. He is credited wiith being the driving force behind the rightward swing of the newest GOP welfare reform. He believes the welfare system creates illegitimacy, and that, "the more you spend [on welfare] the more clientele for the programs you create." He also believes to bring people out of their "behavioral poverty," they need to work for their assistance.


Historian Stephanie Coontz on the Myths of Family Values

Coontz has just written the book, "The Way We Never Were: American Families and the Nostalgia Trap." She uses historical evidence to dismantle the myths about so-called "family values." She says that many of the family problems prevelent today have always been around, and that the survival of the family depends on recognizing and dealing with diversity.


A Perspective on the Government's Role in Family Values

Robert Knight, director of the Cultural Studies Project at the Family Research Council (FRC), a Washington-based lobbying group that concerns itself with family values. He says that the two-parent heterosexual family is the foundation of civilization, and that anything else is dysfunctional (that includes homosexuals and one-parent households).


A Democrat's Perspective on the Republican Platform

Political consultant Samuel Popkin. He's an advisor to the Clinton campaign and author of "The Reasoning Voter," a book about how voters chose candidates. He'll talk with Marty about the importance of family values on the campaign, as well as the role of the women in the political process.


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