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Franzen On The Book, The Backlash, His Background

Jonathan Franzen's new novel Freedom has been called "a masterpiece" by Time Magazine and has received rave reviews from critics. Franzen talks about the runaway success of his previous novel The Corrections, and the strong reaction elicited by Freedom.


Dolly Parton: The Fresh Air Interview

Dolly Parton has written thousands of songs, including "Coat of Many Colors," "Jolene" and "I Will Always Love You." In a 2001 interview with Fresh Air host Terry Gross, the actress and singer-songwrter describes how she went from East Tennessee to Nashville to worldwide stardom.


From Comedy Writer To 'Famous Novelist'

Comedy writer Steve Hely details the journey of a young writer's effort to create the greatest best seller of all time in his new novel How I Became a Famous Novelist.


Walter Isaacson's Comprehensive Look at Henry Kissinger

Isaacson has just written an extensive book about the life of Secretary of State and Nobel Prize Laureate. The writer takes us from Kissinger's boyhood in Germany, his family's flight to America in 1938, through his army career, his years at Harvard as a student and later a professor, and his rise to political power. Isaacson notes Kissinger's many accomplishments, but also portrays him as secretive, paranoid and duplicitous.


Rolling Stones' Bass Player Bill Wyman

Wyman is the quiet, low-profile member of the band who avoided drugs. Using his diaries for reference, he wrote a book about his time in the band through the 1960s, called Stone Alone.

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