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More Than Melancholy: 'In-Flight' Stories Soar.

Helen Simpson once said that when it comes to short stories, "Something's got to happen, but not too much." Her latest short story collection, In-Flight Entertainment, may seem bleak and mundane — with subjects like mortality, infidelity and climate change — but it's also bursting with British wit.


William Trevor: A Short-Story Master's Life Work.

William Trevor has been writing for more than 50 years and has won more literary awards than we have time to list. A volume of selected stories has recently been published, and Fresh Air's book critic Maureen Corrigan has an appreciation.


The Modern Day Poe Joins Fresh Air.

Horror writer Patrick McGrath. McGrath has been described as "a Poe for the 80's," a postmodern-gothic storyteller. His new collection of short stories is titled Blood and Water and Other Tales. Horror writing is a genre that comes easily to McGrath, who grew up on the grounds of an English asylum for the criminally insane.

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