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Barry Altschul: The Jazz Drummer Makes A Comeback.

On his new album, The 3dom Factor, Altschul is great at mixing opposites: abstract melodic concepts with parade beats, open improvising and percolating swing. The album is the sort of comeback that reminds you how much good music the artist made the first time around.


Paul Motian: Two From An Anti-Drummer.

Jazz drummers leading their own bands often feature intricate rhythms and brisk, driving momentum. Paul Motian, with his slow tempos, loose timing and tunes that go with rainy days, is so self-effacing, he's almost an anti-drummer. A little rustle of brushes and the faint boom of a bass drum may be all he'll use to nudge the music on.


Remembering Jazz Drummer Max Roach

Max Roach, the pioneering jazz drummer and bebop innovator, died this week at age 83. Roach was considered the greatest drummer of all time by his peers. He played with Duke Ellington, Thelonius Monk and Miles Davis. "Max was one of the founders and original members of the A-Team of bebop," said musician Quincy Jones. "Outside of losing a giant and an innovator, I've lost a great, great friend. Thank God he left a piece of his soul on his recordings so that we'll always have a part of him with us." Roach spoke to Terry Gross on June 25, 1987.


Jazz Week: Jazz Drummer Elvin Jones.

Elvin Jones, considered one of the most influential drummers in jazz history. He’s been a bandleader for over 30 years. He’s played with all the great names in jazz. In the early sixties, he played with Charlie Parker. He also did a brief stint with Duke Ellington’s band before going out on his own. (originally broadcast 1/7/98)


From the Archives: Drummer Elvin Jones.

Drummer Elvin Jones. His most influential work was with saxophonist John Coltrane from 1960-1966. Later he established himself as a bandleader. The new box set, “The Complete Blue Note Elvin Jones Sessions” (Mosaic) collects his work as a leader (1968-1973). (Rebroadcast of 1998 interview)


Jazz Drummer Elvin Jones.

Drummer Elvin Jones recently celebrated his 70th birthday. His most influential work was with John Coltrane from 1960 to '66. Their Village Vanguard sessions were recently re-released in a CD box set.


Drummer and Composer Bobby Previte.

Drummer and composer Bobby Previte. He's ranks among the best known of Jazz's new generation of composers. In 1991 "Rolling Stone Magazine," named him their "Hot New Jazz Artist." His most recent project is the score for the Moscow Circus. He was in Russia late last summer working with the Circus's musicians when the coup attempt took place. He's collaborated on albums with such musicians as John Zorn, Wayne Horvitz, Butch Morris, and Elliot Sharp, and has released six albums for his own bands.

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