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Bianculli Picks The Best (And Worst) TV Of 2010

Fresh Air's TV critic rounds up the hottest and the hottest of the year that was. Worth watching? A BBC America import about a choir director teaching people to sing. Jersey Shore? Makes Bianculli want to shower.


John Powers: Reflections On Cannes 2010

The film critic reports his impressions of this year's Canne Film Festival. On Powers' list of notable films: Apichatpong Weerasethakul's Palme d'Or-winning movie about a dying farmer, and a French film about Cistercian monks debating whether to stay put in a community full of terrorists.


Best Directors: The 'Fresh Air' Interviews

All five of the directors nominated for an Academy Award appeared on Fresh Air to discuss their latest films. Before the Oscars on Sunday, listen to James Cameron, Kathryn Bigelow, Quentin Tarantino, Lee Daniels and Jason Reitman discuss what it takes to create an Academy Award-nominated film.


Diane Lane in 'Hollywoodland'

Actress Diane Lane co-stars with Adrian Brody, Ben Affleck and Bob Hoskins in the new film Hollywoodland. The film is based on the real-life mystery surrounding the death of actor George Reeves, who played Superman on TV.


'Tsotsi' Tells a Tale of New Africa on Film

A hardened young South African gang leader steals a woman's car -– then finds out her baby is in the back seat. So starts the South African film Tsotsi, which is up for an Academy Award for best foreign film.


A Prickly TV Topic: a Priest's Life

The idea that priests, like all men, are not perfect might seem like a tame one. But NBC's effort to translate the premise into a TV series has brought protests that the show is anti-Christian. Jack Kenny is the creator and executive producer of The Book of Daniel.


Canadian Filmmaker Guy Maddin

His most recent film The Saddest Music in The World is now out on DVD. It stars Isabella Rossellini as a beer baroness in search of the saddest music in the world. It also stars Mark Kinney, best known for his work with the Kids in the Hall. The film is a Depression era musical shot mostly in black and white. This interview was originally broadcast on April 26, 2004.


Actress Laura Dern

She stars in the new film We Don't Live Here Anymore, based on a pair of short stories by Andre Dubus. Dern's acting credits include Focus, I Am Sam, October Sky, the Jurassic Park films, Wild at Heart, and Blue Velvet. She also appeared in the famous coming-out episode of the sitcom Ellen.


'Stander' Director Bronwen Hughes

Her new film Stander is based on the true story of Andre Stander, a young white policeman in Johannesburg, South Africa, who in the 1970s became a notorious bank robber.


'Robot Stories' Director Greg Pak

Pak is an award-winning writer and director who has made his first feature film, Robot Stories. It tells four stories of love between humans and robots. The film has been received warmly by critics, winning more than 23 awards. Previously Pak made a number of very short films including Asian Pride Porn, Cat Fight Tonight, Fighting Grandpa and Mr. Lee.

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