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Doo-wop (Music)

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The Last Gasp of A Cappella Singing.

Rock historian Ed Ward profiles the brief regional revival of a cappella singing in the mid-60s. Some of the groups included The Five Fashions from Stanford, Conn., The Q-Tones from Philadelphia, and the Zircons from the Bronx.


The Chantels, Girl-Group Pioneers.

Rock historian Ed Ward will review the rise and fall of the Chantels, the girl group from the 50s that paved the way for groups like the Shirelles and the Ronettes. (Rebroadcast of September 8, 1987.)


The Chantels, Girl-Group Pioneers.

Rock historian Ed Ward will look back at the Chantels, a 50s group of five New York teenagers whose exquisite harmonies drew comparisons with classical youth choirs.


Integrating the Pop Charts

Rock historian Ed Ward considers the impact the Orioles, one of the first black doo wop groups to achieve mainstream popularity.

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