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Philly Rock Radio.

Gary Bridges (WYSP), David Dye (WIOQ), and Michael Picozzi (WMMR) are disc jockeys. They join the show to discuss rock radio, the music business, and the life of a d.j.


Philly Rock Radio DJs.

Gary Bridges (WYSP), David Dye (WIOQ), and Michael Picozzi (WMMR) are disc jockeys. They join the show to discuss rock, rock radio, and to answer listener calls.


Horror Movies and More with John Zacherle.

Philadelphian John Zacherle (sometimes credited as Zacherly) is the exemplar of the horror movie show host. He plays the character of "Roland" (pronounced "Ro-LAND) on his television show "Shock Theater." He not only introduces the films he plays, he also adds in cut-aways that often mock the movie or the genre itself. Zacherle is also had a top-ten hit with the novelty song "Dinner with Drac" and also works a d.j. Zacherle will join the Philadelphia Pops for a performance of "The Raven" this weekend.


The Inspiration for "Good Morning, Vietnam."

Adrian Cronauer, the airman disk-jockey whose stint as a rebellious Armed Forces Radio Network announcer during the Vietnam war is the basis for the movie "Good Morning Vietnam," starring Robin Williams. Cronauer, 49, is a former announcer for WQXR in New York and is now studying communications law at The University of Pennsylvania.


Disc Jockey Alan Freed Brought Black Music to the Radio.

Rock historian Ed Ward profiles Alan Freed, one of the most famous, and most notorious, disc jockeys of the 50s and 60s. Freed was one of the first disc jockeys on a mainstream station (WJW in Cleveland) to play the black rhythm and blues that was the foundation of early rock and roll.


"Pump Up the Volume" Is a Youth Anthem Antidote to the Teen Comedy

Film critic Stephen Schiff has no taste for the high school movies that proliferated in the 1980s. But he likes films that celebrate youthful energy and rebellion against authority, like Pump Up the Volume. The movie, about a teenage radio DJ, features an excellent performance by star Christian Slater.

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