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Detective and mystery television programs

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Make Plans to Watch "The Singing Detective."

Television Critic David Bianculli reviews "The Singing Detective," the BBC miniseries that PBS will air in early January. The series was written by Dennis Potter, who wrote the 10-hour 1979 BBC series "Pennies From Heaven," starring Bob Hoskins.


The (Unwanted) Comeback of Mr. T.

Television critic David Bianculli reviews a new syndicated series featuring Mr. T. It's called "T & T," but Bianculli says it's not as dynamite as the title suggests.


Tribute to "The Prisoner."

Television critic David Bianculli looks back at "The Prisoner," the British mystery and adventure series about government agents, brainwashing, Number 6, and the omniscient globe that prevented escape from the island prison. The series celebrates its 20th anniversary this week.


Television Producer William Link.

Screenwriter William Link. With his partner Richard Levinson, Link created more than a dozen T-V series, including "Columbo" and "Mannix." They also wrote the books "Stay Tuned: An Inside Look at the Making of Prime-Time Television," and "Off Camera: Conversations with the Makers of Prime-Time Television."

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