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Linney Mines 'The Big C' For Serious Laughs.

On Showtime's dark comedy series, Laura Linney plays a terminally ill cancer patient. The actress's own father died from lung cancer while the series was being made; her mother was a cancer nurse when Linney was young. These experiences, she says, inform her performance.


William H. Macy Is 'Shameless' On Showtime.

As the alcoholic paterfamilias Frank Gallagher on the Showtime series Shameless, the actor enjoys portraying a man with a dark side. But he says it's Frank's better qualities that make him sustainable as a character.


Season Two Brings Changes For 'Girls.'

The second season of the HBO series premieres this month, and Fresh Air critic David Bianculli says "these young women — these girls — really are changing and growing and adapting to tough life in the big city."


HBO's 'Enlightened' Take On Modern Meditation.

Laura Dern is Amy Jellicoe, a health and beauty executive who returns from a post-meltdown retreat to pick up the pieces of her broken life in the new HBO series Enlightened. Dern and series creator Mike White talk about the tone of the show, and whether it's possible for people to really change.


Clunky Characters, Cancer Characterize 'Big C.'

The new Showtime series stars Laura Linney as a wife and mother battling cancer. Critic David Bianculli says the leads (Oliver Platt among them) are just fine, but the subsidiary characters could use a second look. Also back for another season on Showtime: Weeds, which makes The Big C look limp by comparison.


'80s Nostalgia? M-M-Max Headroom Is Now On DVD.

The futuristic ABC series, starring Matt Frewer as an eerily human computer-generated television host, aired for only two seasons -- but became a pop culture phenomenon. Critic David Bianculli says he's happy the series is finally out on DVD but wishes he could see even more.


Toni Collette: Keeping Track Of Multiple Personalities.

Chances are you've seen Australian actress Toni Collette in more roles that you realize. Collette has starred in Muriel's Wedding, The Sixth Sense and Little Miss Sunshine and currently plays several roles on Showtime's United States of Tara.

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