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Two Excellent Albums from Cuba.

Music critic Milo Miles reviews two new releases of Cuban music. The first is a four-cd set called I Am Time. (Blue Jackel) This is a retrospective of cuban music broken down in four categories. Cuban folk music, Singers, Dance, and Jazz. The second cd is called Buena Vista Social Club (World Circuit/Nonesuch) by a band of the same name. This CD was produced by Ry Cooder.


Zippy Goes to Cuba

Cartoonist Bill Griffith traveled to Cuba last fall, which became the inspiration for "Cuba Uncovered", a month long series of Zippy strips on the Cuban situation. He created the strip over 25 years ago; it is currently syndicated in over 200 newspapers. Griffith is also one of the cartoonists interviewed in the new documentary, "Crumb."


Cuban-American Saxophonist and Composer Paquito D'Rivera.

Cuban-born saxophonist and composer, Paquito D'Rivera. D'RIivera defected to the United States in 1980 during a concert tour. Like his mentor, Dizzy Gillespie, D'RIVERA is a tireless performer and purveyor of Latin jazz. His "Reunion" album (Messidor), recorded with trumpeter Arturo Sandoval was called a "high speed tour of the Pan-American musical map." For his newest record D'RIVERA gathered 23 of the top Cuban musicians from around the world: "Paquito D'Rivera Presents 40 Years of Cuban Jam Session"


Film Director Sydney Pollack in "Havana."

Film director Sydney Pollacl. He has been making movies for almost thirty years including "The Way We Were", "Three Days of the Condor" and "Tootsie". Pollack's new film is "The Firm". (REBROADCAST from December 11, 1990).


The Future of Cuba after the Soviet Collapse

Journalist Andres Oppenheimer is the senior foreign correspondent for The Miami Herald. He spent more than five months in Cuba researching his new book, "Castro's Final Hour," which looks into how the country has been affected by the collapse of Soviet Union, which had provided ample material support to Castro's government.


Cinematographer and Director Nestor Almendros.

We remember Academy Award winning cinematographer Nestor Almendros, who died of cancer last week at age 61. His films included "Sophie's Choice," "Kramer vs. Kramer," "The Last Metro," "Days of Heaven," (for which he won the Academy Award), "The Blue Lagoon," the Martin Scorsese portion of "Manhattan Stories," and "Billy Bathgate." Almendros worked in Havana in the early years of the Castro regime before he had a falling out with the authorities.

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