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Shepard Fairey: Inspiration Or Infringement?

The Associated Press has threatened to sue the artist who created the iconic "Hope" poster of Barack Obama for copyright infringement, but Shepard Fairey says his work is protected under the principle of "fair use."


James Boyle Discusses Information and Access in the Modern Age.

Author and Professor of Law, James Boyle. What are intellectual property rights and who owns your genetic information? In his book "Shamans, Software and Spleen" (Harvard University Press), James Boyle explores the dilemmas posed by the information age - the ethical, legal and economic implications of who owns and controls access to information. (Interview by Barbara Bogaev).


Victor Navasky on "Naming Names"

The editor of The Nation has a new book about the blacklisting of Hollywood actors during the McCarthy era. He talks about how the issue of nuclear proliferation is affecting the political right and left, and the difficulties journalists face when navigating copyright issues.

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