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Actress Catherine O'Hara

She got her start at SCTV with characters like Lola Heatherton and Dusty Towne, and went on to star in films including the Home Alone series, A Mighty Wind Best in Show, and Waiting for Guffman. She's also in the new film Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events. This interview originally aired on Nov. 12, 1992.


Comedian — and Writer — Dan Aykroyd

As part of the first cast of Saturday Night Live, Dan Aykroyd helped bring the Coneheads and the Blues Brothers to life.

He went on to star in a number of films, including Trading Places and Grosse Pointe Blank. He also received an Academy Award nomination for his role in Driving Miss Daisy.

We talk with Aykroyd about his two latest projects: the book Elwood's Blues: Interviews with the Blues Legends and Stars, and the upcoming movie Christmas with the Kranks.


Satirist Harry Shearer

Writer, actor, director, comedian and host of Le Show, Harry Shearer. He's starring in the new folk music mockumentary A Mighty Wind, directed by Christopher Guest, who also directed Best in Show and Waiting for Guffman. Shearer also starred with Guest in the classic heavy metal parody This is Spinal Tap. Shearer's public radio show is now in its 19th year.


Three of the Four-Man Comedy Troupe The Firesign Theatre

The Firesigns created satire out of the political and civil upsets of the late 1960's, drawing big underground radio and college campus audiences. Members Phil Proctor, Peter Bergman, Phil Austin, and David Ossman got their start doing a late night radio talk show, "Radio Free Oz," with the host in the persona of the Wizard of Oz. Since then, the Firesigns have done 13 comedy albums. Their new album, their first studio album in 20 years is "Give Me Immortality or Give me Death" (Atlantic/Rhino) (REBROADCAST from 11/6/93)


Fresh Air Comedy Week: Chris Rock on Rolling with the New.

Comedian Chris Rock. He got his start in show business performing stand-up routines in Manhattan. He spent three years on Saturday Night Live and appeared in a few films including the recent Beverly Hills Ninja. He also had a comedy and talk-show series, "The Chris Rock Show" on HBO. (REBROADCAST from 2/6/97)


Harry Shearer Looks Back on the O. J. Trial.

Satirist, columnist, one of the creators of and performers in the mock-rock group Spinal Tap, and host of the syndicated radio program, "Le Show," Harry Shearer. He also does several voices on "The Simpsons." Shearer has collected onto a CD his satirical pieces about the O.J. Simpson trial: "O.J. on Trial: The Early Years." (to order call, 1-800-YES-OJ-CD). These pieces originally were aired on "Le Show."


Four-Man Comedy Troupe The Firesign Theatre.

The four-man comedy troupe The Firesign Theatre. The Firesigns created satire out of the political and civil upsets of the late 1960's, drawing big underground radio and college campus audiences. Now, more than ten years since the last tour, The Firesign Theatre is making a comeback. Known for their eclectic comedy routines, they're celebrating their 25th anniversary with a reunion tour.


Imogene Coca Discusses Her Work with Sid Ceasar.

Comedian Imogene Coca. Coca is a television legend, co-starring with Sid Caeser on the groundbreaking comedy series, "Your Show of Shows," in the 1950s. Since then, Coca's had numerous roles on TV, on stage, and in movies. Imogene Coca is teeming up with Sid Caesar once again, for a series of appearances at Michael's Pub in New York City, beginning April 17th.

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