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Comedy Actor Martin Short

Martin Short established himself as a comedic actor on SCTV and Saturday Night Live. He's famous for his physical humor, celebrity impressions, and the memorable characters he invented, like Ed Grimley. Short has since graduated to the silver screen, starring in movies like Innerspace and Three Amigos. His new movie is called Three Fugitives.


An SCTV Alum's First Television Special

David Bianculli reviews Andrea Martin: Together Again special, which weaves together skits featuring her many celebrity impressions. He says it may not live up to the best of episodes of SCTV, but it's still funnier than almost anything else on television.


Comedy Actor Martin Short.

Comic Actor Martin Short. A native of Canada, Short appeared for three years with the Second City company in Toronto.


Imogene Coca Discusses Her Work with Sid Ceasar.

Comedian Imogene Coca. Coca is a television legend, co-starring with Sid Caeser on the groundbreaking comedy series, "Your Show of Shows," in the 1950s. Since then, Coca's had numerous roles on TV, on stage, and in movies. Imogene Coca is teeming up with Sid Caesar once again, for a series of appearances at Michael's Pub in New York City, beginning April 17th.


Four-Man Comedy Troupe The Firesign Theatre.

The four-man comedy troupe The Firesign Theatre. The Firesigns created satire out of the political and civil upsets of the late 1960's, drawing big underground radio and college campus audiences. Now, more than ten years since the last tour, The Firesign Theatre is making a comeback. Known for their eclectic comedy routines, they're celebrating their 25th anniversary with a reunion tour.


Harry Shearer Looks Back on the O. J. Trial.

Satirist, columnist, one of the creators of and performers in the mock-rock group Spinal Tap, and host of the syndicated radio program, "Le Show," Harry Shearer. He also does several voices on "The Simpsons." Shearer has collected onto a CD his satirical pieces about the O.J. Simpson trial: "O.J. on Trial: The Early Years." (to order call, 1-800-YES-OJ-CD). These pieces originally were aired on "Le Show."

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