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Great New DVD Box Sets: Blasts From The Past And 'Breaking Bad'

In addition to Breaking Bad, critic David Bianculli recommends some rare television treats from the 60s and '70s that are now available on DVD. They include Here's Edie: The Edie Adams Television Collection, The Dean Martin Celebrity Roasts, The Rutles: Anthology and Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman.


Holiday Music To Bring Folks Together

This Thanksgiving there were a lot of articles online about arming yourself with good information before arguing politics at seasonal dinners. With so much contention in the air, maybe music can help bring folks with opposing views together.


An SCTV Alum's First Television Special

David Bianculli reviews Andrea Martin: Together Again special, which weaves together skits featuring her many celebrity impressions. He says it may not live up to the best of episodes of SCTV, but it's still funnier than almost anything else on television.

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