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Cocaine abuse

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Thomas Henderson Overcomes Addiction.

Thomas "Hollywood" Henderson, a star player for the Dallas Cowboys throughout the 70s. He fell victim to a cocaine addiction and was one of the first professional athletes to admit to his problem.


Actor and Writer Ray Shell on the Perils of Addiction

Shell has just written his first novel, "Iced," about a talented and ambitious man who is also addicted to crack. As an actor, Shell has appeared in many shows in England, including "Miss Saigon," "Starlight Express," "Jesus Christ Superstar," and "Hair." He is also a songwriter, and has written music for singer Kate Bush.


Journalist David Carr Fact-Checks His Own Story

Hostile womanizer, crack addict, New York Times journalist — David Carr has been all of those, sometimes simultaneously. For his memoir The Night of the Gun, Carr put on his investigative-reporter hat — to reconstruct his various sordid lives.


Elton John On Music, Addiction And Family: 'I'm Proud Of Who I Am Now'

The recent biopic Rocketman painted a Hollywood version of Elton John's life, but a new memoir, Me, comes straight from the artist himself. In it, he describes how, as a young man, he was determined to enter the music business, in spite of some misgivings about rock 'n' roll in his household. As he tells Fresh Air, "My dad, of course, hated it."

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