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A Center City Jazz Club Owner

Billy Kretchmer owned a popular Philadelphia club which was a destination for established and aspiring jazz musicians. He was also a clarinetist who led the house band. After health problems forced him to stop playing, Kretchmer closed the club in the 1960s. After several surgeries, he will perform again for the first time in 17 years.


Clarinetist Richard Soltzman

In order to develop a sizable repertoire as an orchestral soloist, Soltzman has had to transcribe several classical pieces written for other instruments.


Clarinet Virtuoso Richard Stoltzman.

Richard Stoltzman is a clarinet virtuoso. He was the first solo clarinetist to be presented in Carnegie Hall in 1982. Stoltzman is known for his unusual concerts, incorporating jazz and wearing informal clothing. He joins the show to discuss his life and career.


Big Bandleader Artie Shaw.

Artie Shaw is a legendary big bandleader and clarinetist. His band was one of the most popular of the 1940s. Since then Shaw has written books, worked as a film producer, and retired from playing. in 1980 he organized a new band to play his works and arrangements.


Clarinetist and Big Band Leader Woody Herman

The jazz musician has spent most of his life on the road. Long after the golden era of the big bands, Herman continues to lead a large ensemble, all the while keeping up with contemporary jazz and pop music.


Kenny Davern: The Fresh Air Concert

The clarinetist is accompanied by bassist Phil Falnigan and guitarist Howard Alden. Davern was originally known as a New Orleans-style player, but performed in varied styles ranging from traditional bop to free jazz.


A Black Musician Plays Traditional Klezmer.

Clarinetist Don Byron. Byron's black, but he plays klezmer, the music created from the mixture of American jazz and European jewish culture. Byron's an alumnus of the Klezmer Conservatory Band, and he performs on a new anthology album called "Live At The Knitting Factory." It's on A&M records.


A Black Musician Plays Traditional Klezmer

The Klezmer revival is mostly led by third-generation American Jews. Clarinetist Don Byron is a notbale exception -- he's an African American musician who pays tribute to the compositions of Mickey Katz. Byron is an alumnus of the Klezmer Conservatory Band, and he performs on the anthology album "Live At The Knitting Factory, Volume 3."


Clarinetist, Jazz Musician, and Klezmer Virtuoso Don Byron

Clarinetist, jazz musician, and klezmer virtuoso Don Byron. He's an unlikely candidate to play klezmer, a product of Eastern European Yiddish culture: Byron is African American and dreadlocked. Byron has become best known for klezmer, but musically he's all over the map: He plays jazz with his Don Byron Quintet, modern classical music with the Semaphore quintet, and he toured Europe last fall with Music for Six Musicians, an Afro-Cuban ensemble. He's also currently writing a classical piece for the avant-garde Kronos Quartet.


From the Archives: Big Bandleader Artie Shaw.

Band leader and clarinetist Artie Shaw. In the 1930s and 40s his band ranked with the Goodman, Dorsie, and Miller bands in popularity. But he rejected many of the pop tunes and stuck with music by composers like Porter, Gershwin, and Berlin. Shaw is also known for working with many fine Black musicians and singers, including Billie Holiday. Shaw is now retired from performing. (From an interview recorded on 12/24/1985).

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