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For Priest Turned Professor, 'Holy Envy' Is Key To Appreciating World Religions

Barbara Brown Taylor is an ordained Episcopal priest who left the pulpit to become a professor of religion. She is also the author of a couple of best selling books. Her new book is about how teaching the religions of the world changed her understanding of her own faith, and how her Christian students responded when she took them to mosques, synagogues, and buddhist temples.


Former U.S. President Jimmy Carter

Former U.S. President Jimmy Carter received the Nobel Peace Prize this week. He's the third president so honored. We listen to several interviews in which Carter talks about his work as a mediator, his life in the White House and his spiritual life.


Leaves Of Grass And The Kingdom Of God

Erik Reece grew up the grandson of a fundamentalist preacher, but he left his church in search of a less punitive religion. He describes his struggle with religion in his new book, An American Gospel.


Jesus and Crucifixion, a Historical View

Today, as Christians around the world commemorate Good Friday, Christian scholar and former priest John Dominic Crossan joins Fresh Air to discuss the historical Jesus, the role of crucifixion in antiquity, and the beginnings of Christianity.


Author Reynolds Price, Meditating on Faith and Art

Author Reynolds Price has written dozens of volumes of fiction, poetry, plays, essays and translations. His book Letter to a Godchild: Concerning Faith is out now in paperback.

Price has taught at Duke University since 1958, and has won numerous awards and honors for his work.

This interview first aired on June 19, 2006.


Saturday Night Live's Julia Sweeney

Julia Sweeney is currently performing a one-woman show called "Letting Go of God" at the off-off-Broadway theater in Manhattan. A Saturday Night Live cast alum, Sweeney also wrote and performed the 1996 Broadway show "God Said, Ha!" Her films include Pulp Fiction, Clockstoppers and It's Pat, based on her gender-confused character on SNL.


'Straight to Jesus' and the Christian Ex-Gay Movement

Tanya Erzen is the author of the new book, Straight to Jesus: Sexual and Christian Conversions in the Ex-Gay Movement. It's about New Hope Ministry, a residential program for evangelical Christian men in the San Francisco Bay area who are struggling with homosexuality. It's part of a larger movement to convert gays to the straight Christian life.


Group Says It Leads Gay Men to the Straight Life

Alan Chambers is the president of Exodus, the largest evangelical group devoted to converting homosexuals to heterosexuals. He himself was a gay teen and young adult before the church helped him overcome his homosexuality.

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