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Child molesters

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'Life During Wartime': Squirm-Worthy Storytelling

Todd Solondz latest deadpan comedy, Life During Wartime, stars Shirley Henderson, Ally Sheedy and Allison Janney as three sisters struggling to find meaning in a bleak world filled with David Lynchian grotesques. Critic David Edelstein says it's the "feel-bad movie of the year.


Stanley Tucci And The Art Of Transformation

Stanley Tucci may be a star, but he's still got the protean gifts of a great character actor: He can transform himself for each new role he brings to the screen. You've seen him as a flamboyant art director in The Devil Wears Prada, a stereotypical Italian gangster in The Road To Perdition, a conniving politico in Swing Vote, the impish Puck in A Midsummer Night's Dream and a neurotic lover in Deconstructing Harry. And if a career like that suggests a certain versatility, Tucci's most recent films particularly highlight his ability to inhabit a range of personalities.


'Mysterious Skin' Takes to the Big Screen

Director Gregg Araki and novelist Scott Heim have collaborated on the new film Mysterious Skin, based on Heim's novel of the same name. It's the story of two young men who were sexually molested as boys, and the different ways in which trauma has shaped their lives.


Rapper and Actor Mos Def

The multi-talented Mos Def plays a police officer in the new indie film The Woodsman, also starring Kevin Bacon and Kyra Sedgwick, about a pedophile who moves into a suburban neighborhood. He also has a new rap album, The New Danger. Mos Def has appeared in the films Bamboozled, Monster's Ball, and Brown Sugar. He made his Broadway debut with the play Topdog/Underdog, and has also won an Obie Award. Mos Def will be in the upcoming films A Confederacy of Dunces and A Hitchhiker s Guide to the Galaxy.


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