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Cranston Cooks Up Emmy Gold In 'Breaking Bad'

Actor Bryan Cranston recently won the Emmy for outstanding actor in a drama series for his performance in the AMC's Breaking Bad. Cranston plays a high-school chemistry teacher who begins producing crystal meth after being diagnosed with cancer.


'Breaking' into Character with Bryan Cranston

Actor Bryan Cranston — best known as the dad on Fox TV's Malcolm in the Middle talks to Terry Gross about his newest role. He plays a meth-cooking high-school chemistry teacher in Breaking Bad, a new series on AMC.


Teacher Feature: 'Breaking Bad' on AMC

Fresh Air's TV critic previews the new series Breaking Bad, about a cancer-stricken chemistry teacher who decides that cooking crystal meth is the best way to support his family after he's gone. The show premieres on the AMC cable channel on Jan. 20.

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