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California--San Francisco

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The Authentic '60 San Francisco Sound

Rock historian Ed Ward says that several 1950s and '60s bands associated with San Francisco actually came from nearby cities and towns. He looks at some of the over looked, truly local, drug-fueled bands of that era.


Trident And The San Francisco Rock Scene

The rise of the San Francisco rock scene in the mid-1960s is a well-known story, but one which might have taken an entirely different direction if Frank Werber's fortunes had played out differently.


Hackers? Techies? What To Call San Francisco's Newcomers.

Linguist Geoff Nunberg lives in the Mission and says young tech employees have been pouring into the neighborhood. But what to call these new residents? He says the term "techie" used to suggest a computer whiz with no social skills; now it suggests one with no social conscience.

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