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The Unsung Pioneer Of Louisiana Swamp-Pop.

In the early 1960s, Joe Barry combined Cajun and country music into a whole new sound. In honor of a new anthology of Barry's music titled A Fool to Care, critic Ed Ward tells the forgotten musician's story.


The Hackberry Ramblers from 1913 to Today.

Ben Sandmel and Luderin Darbone are two members of the Cajun band "The Hackberry Ramblers." Darbone is a founding member of the band who is now in his 80s. The Ramblers started in 1933 in Louisiana. The Ramblers were among the first Cajun bands to abandon the accordion's dominance for the more American guitar-fiddle string band sound. In 1993, The Ramblers released their first album in 30 years titled "Cajun Boogie." prior to this album the Ramblers recorded on the Bluebird Label.


The Best Rock Re-Issues of the Year

Rock and roll historian Ed Ward surveys some of this year's best rock and roll CD re-issues, featuring higher-fidelity sound and more informative liner notes.


Daniel Lanois Produces His Own Album.

Record producer Daniel Lanois (len-wah). He's considered one of the premier record producers of the 80's. He produced U2'S "Joshua Tree," Bob Dylan's new record "Oh Mercy," the Neville Brother's "Yellow Moon," and Peter Gabriel's "So." He's currently on tour performing songs from his own first solo album, "Acadie" (ah-kah-dee). On it you can hear the influence of his own French-Canadian folk roots, and the atmospheric, ambient sounds he produced with Brian Eno.


Keeping Cajun Music Alive

Fiddler and folklorist Michael Doucet plays with the band Beausoleil. He tells Fresh Air's Terry Gross about the history of and techniques involved in the Louisiana-based genre.

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