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David Bianculli Says 2012 Brought No New TV Favorites

Fresh Air's television critic says there weren't any new shows this year that wowed him and that the shows he watched and loved this year were ones that have been on for at least a season. His No. 1 favorite remains Breaking Bad.


Heads Up, TV Fans: Great Shows Start This Week.

New seasons of Curb Your Enthusiasm and Torchwood premiered over the weekend, and three other cable shows return to prime time starting Wednesday. Never mind that it's the height of summer — TV critic David Bianculli says this week will be a TV fan's Christmas.


At The Emmys: Basic Cable Has A Big Night

NBC's 30 Rock cleaned up the major comedy prizes, but the big drama awards went to basic-cable breakouts like AMC's Mad Men and FX's Damages. TV critic David Bianculli recaps the evening.


David Bianculli: Cable's Impact on Network TV

Critic David Bianculli has some thoughts about the fall season and cable's impact on network television. He says ABC may have the year's two best shows: the prime-time soap opera Desperate Housewives and the action/suspense show Lost.


TV in the 1980s: The Big Picture.

Television critic David Bianculli gives his picks for the best shows of the 80s..the big surprise is that relatively few of them were on the three major networks.

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