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Brian Epstein

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Fifth Beatle Pete Best

He was the drummer for the Beatles in their early days in Liverpool and Hamburg. His mother, Mona Best, was the owner of The Casbah Coffee Club in Liverpool. The various early incarnations of the Beatles played the Casbah more than 90 times. Best has co-written a large format book The Beatles: The True Beginnings (by Roag Best with Pete and Rory Best). Today he writes, records and tours with his own group, The Pete Best Band.


Remembering Derek Taylor.

Derek Taylor, a former press agent for the Beatles, died Sunday at the age of 65. He is the author of It was 20 Years Ago Today He served two stints with the Beatles. Once in 1964 during their world tour and again in 1968. (Originally aired 6/4/87)


A Career with the Beatles

Music publicist Derek Taylor was the press agent for the Beatles; he also ghost wrote the memoir of their manager, Brian Epstein. His new book, about 1967 -- when he started working for Apple Records -- is called It Was Twenty Years Ago Today.

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