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The Fighter's Good, But Enough To Be A Contender?

The fading junior welterweight boxer Micky Ward was working in construction in the early '90s when he decided to give the ring one more try. That's the story of The Fighter, starring Mark Wahlberg. David Edelstein says the boxing film is a mess -- which he means as a term of endearment.


Falling for It: 'Cinderella Man'

Film critic David Edelstein reviews Cinderella Man, starring Russell Crowe and directed by Ron Howard. Edelstein says he fell for the shmaltzy flick, "a three-hanky weeper."


F.X. Toole's Tales from the Ring

At age 70, the late writer and former boxing "cut man" F.X. Toole published his first book, a collection of short stories about boxing called Rope Burns: Stories from the Corner, to critical praise. We rebroadcast a Sept. 26, 2000, interview with Toole.


The late writer F.X. Toole

He died September 2 at age 72 of complications from heart surgery. Two years ago, he published his first book. It's a collection of short stories about boxing called Rope Burns: Stories from the Corner. For 20 years, Toole was a cut man, stopping the bleeding so fighters could go on to the next round. Toole wrote for over for 40 years, but it was the publication of his first story last year in a small literary magazine that caught the attention of a book agent.


How Muhammad Ali Became "King of the World"

David Remnick is the author of the new book "King of the World" (Random House) about heavyweight champion Muhammad Ali. Remnick was appointed editor of the New Yorker Magazine this year, and is the Pulitzer Prize winning author of "Lenin's Tomb."


"Rocky V" Might Be too Little too Late

Owen Gleiberman reviews the latest in the Rocky franchise. Directed by John G. Avildsen, Gleiberman says it tries to recapture the innocence and humanity of the original, but never quite reaches its goal.


Harry Crews Discusses His "Freakish" Characters.

Novelist and essayist Harry Crews. His nine novels include All We Need is Hell and The Gospel Singer. Oftentimes, the main characters of Crews' works are outsiders; The central character of Crews' most recent work, titled The Knockout Artist, is a boxer who specializes in knocking himself out. Crews' three works of nonfiction include the autobiography A Childhood, Blood and Grits, and Florida Frenzy.

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