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Bosnia and Herzegovina--Sarajevo

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Gino Yevdjevich

Gino Yevdjevich is the lead singer of the Bosnian-Bulgarian punk rock band Kultur Shock. He was a rock musician in Sarajevo when the Bosnian War broke out. During the war, he played a major role in rewriting the musical Hair into a new version called Hair: Sarajevo, AD 1992 which played in Sarajevo for three years to standing room only crowds. Yevdjevich now lives in Seattle; he moved there in 1996 when a theatre produced his play Sarajevo: Behind Gods Back. His band Kultur Shock has a new CD called F.U.C.C. the INS


From the Archives: Disaster Relief Expert Fred Cuny.

Fred Cuny is an American relief worker who is believed to have been killed this year in Chechnya. He was there assessing the Chechen needs in an effort to one day help rebuild the ruined cities. Russian troops have battled Chechen fighters since late last year to quell the Chechen move towards independence. Cuny was the founder and president of the Intertect Relief and Reconstruction Corporation, which is based in Dallas. His work has taken him to Somalia, Northern Iraq, the Sudan, Nicaragua, Mexico, Biafra and other places where there is war, famine or natural disaster.


Zlata Filipovic Discusses Being a Child in the Yugoslav War.

Zlata Filipovic is a thirteen year-old Sarajevan, whose diaries of the war in Bosnia have been published this month as "Zlata's Diary" (Viking). The book begins in August of 1991, with a new school year --fifth grade-- and the trappings of girlhood: piano lessons and tennis. By that spring, Sarajevo was under siege and Zlata's schoolmates were being killed, her family hiding in the basement and abandoned purebred dogs wandered the streets.


Charles Kupchan Discusses the Latest Developments in Bosnia.

Charles Kupchan, Senior Fellow for Europe at the Council on Foreign Relations and former Director of European Affairs on the National Security Council in the Clinton White House. He'll discuss the political motivations of the European players in NATO's ultimatum to Bosnian Serb forces. The Bosnian Serbs must withdraw artillery and mortars from their stranglehold positions on Sarajevo by February 21st or face NATO air strikes.


1993 Retrospective: Bosnian Filmmaker Ademir Kenovic.

One of Bosnia's leading film makers, and professor of film at the Academy of Film and Theatre in Sarajevo Ademir Kenovic. His newest film "SA-Life" (SA stands for Sarajevo) is compiled of scenes shot by himself, other film makers, and film students in and around Sarajevo that capture the horror of the war. Each day, Kenovic and his fellow film makers would meet in his basement studio to plan the day's shoot, going out with hand-held cameras. Kenovic has made three other films.


1993 Retrospective: Reports from Bosnia.

Foreign Correspondent for NPR, Tom Gjelten. He's been reporting from Bosnia. Gjelten won the prestigious George Polk Award for his piece, "Massacre on the Mountaintop." The piece aired September 22, 1992 and described a massacre of 200 Bosnian Muslim men. The George Polk Award honors excellence in journalism. Gjelten also reported on the Gulf War and on the conflicts in Central America. (REBROADCAST from 4/6/93).


Writers Fund Raise for Sarajevo.

Readings from the PEN American Center's benefit for Bosnian Writers, "An Evening For Sarajevo", held last night in New York City. Fifteen American writers read from their work to raise money for the writers of Sarajevo for food and supplies; writers in the besieged city are fighting to keep their literary culture vital and undiminished in a time of war.


Bosnian Journalist Zlatko Dizdarevic.

Bosnian Journalist Zlatko Dizdarevic, an editor of the only daily newspaper in Sarajevo which has continued to publish during the war, and the author of "Sarajevo Under Siege: A War Journal," (Fromm International). He read last night at the PEN American Center's benefit, "An Evening For Sarajevo".

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